Justin Thomas FINALLY decided to play on Sunday at a Major.

First off, congrats to JT, a well deserved Major victory and thank you for FINALLY deciding you wanted to play on Sunday at a Major.  With a 67 including a bogey on 18 that allowed JT to cruise to a two shot victory, another young Major Champion was born.  I do give him a lot of credit as he acknowledged he learned from his past Sunday Major performances and understood what it took to finally breakthrough. With everyone else on the leaderboard fading away, JT stood strong and took it to the final holes finishing even on the green mile. A performance worthy of victory, something that is rare in the post-Tiger era.  From the putt on 10 that sat on the lip for ten seconds before it decided to drop to the chip-in birdie, JT showed glimpses of Tiger sparkle (the tip of the cap on 10 was a power move,  almost like you could hear him saying “never a doubt.”  This could be the first of many for Justin who jumped on the scene this year with a 59 and multiple PGA tour victories, which goes to show when this guy gets hot he is tough to beat.


With two Majors for the Spring Break crew this year, does this mean Rickie is next? Sidenote, shout out to Rick for actually playing well on a Sunday and making a late charge up the leaderboard on his way to T5.


Double side note, who else enjoyed watching Hideki Matsuyama absolutely spray the ball everywhere and forget how to putt on the weekend 😉


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