Did NFL players learn nothing from Colin Kaepernick?!

In the latest version of NFL players protesting durning the National Anthem, Marshawn Lynch sat, with his hat still on, while the National Anthem played durning the Raider’s first pre-season game.  THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SIGN OF DISRESPECT AND NEEDS TO STOP.  Sitting or kneeling durning the National Anthem is not to proper platform for what these athletes are trying to protest.  Athletes are looking to shine the light on valid issues that are happening in American, but this is not the correct play to protest. Actually this is probably the worst way that you could protest, just ask Colin Kaepernick, who after signing once of the richest contracts in NFL history is now — Jobless.  Fans of teams that have been links to signing him have cried out, and refused to come to games if Kaep joins the team.  Which is a completely different issue, but after how he was alienated, and rightfully so, just STAND THE FUCK UP DURNING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.


The National Anthem is something that all Americans have in common and especially during these tumultuous times in the United States, Americans need to unify.  Instead of coming together at common crossroad, these NFL players are protesting the very thing that all of us have in common.  It just makes no sense, being American is the only thing that has a chance of merging ALL AMERICANS together, short of us going to WAR (sidenote: FUCK NORTH KOREA).

I respect Marshawn Lynch for what he was able to accomplish on the field; however, he made the wrong decision by sitting during the National Anthem and I’m sure he was lost many fans for doing so.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, is it right for athletes to sit or protest durning the National Anthem?



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