The MLS will soon overtake the MLB…

With less than a week until the NFL graces our television screens and with college football right around the corner, it is an exciting time.  As a fan, you no longer need to suffer through the long painful summer withdrawal from sports with action.  I am looking at you Baseball.  Honestly, who the patients or bandwidth to watch paint dry… wait I mean baseball, sorry, I was confused for a second.  The growing MLS is ready and waiting to take the place of MLB.  With growing international star power and great players joining the MLS, interest is at an all-time high.

Compared to the MLS, regular season baseball is the least interesting of the professional sports and for the record worse than the NBA regular season and James Harden’s defense for that matter.  This year the NBA offseason drama has far eclipsed the MLB and for the most part, it is all speculation, and soccer is far more entertaining with the major European clubs embarking on an American tour culminating in the Champion’s League winners playing the MLS All Stars, which was more entertaining than any MLB game this season. Granted it was artificially created competition as many of the great Madrid players did not feature, but a shootout is what the people want to see.   This is great for the fastest growing game in the states and hopefully peaked the interests of young and old Americans alike.

My prediction is that in the coming years the MLS will overtake the great American past time, due to lack of action.  If the MLS can continue on the growth pattern from the last decade, then before long the most popular sport in the world will become the summer sport for Americans.


Do you think that soccer will ever supersede Baseball as the sport of the Summer to watch?



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