Over Under Steph Curry (76.5) L-O-L

Two days in a row talking about Steph Curry is two too many, but the guy is all over the place right now and I have something to say about this Web.com event. Steph was invited on a sponsors exemption to play in the Web.com event this week, and being the competitive person he is, he accepted the invitation. The tour thinks this will ultimately create more traffic and viewers for their future events. LOL. Its no different than when a big name baseball player goes down to the minors for a game. Creates a buzz for THAT game, then no one gives a shit.

Listen, if they wanted to create website traffic and gain some viewers for 2 days, fine. My issue is that after this week, nobody who tuned in to watch Steph, will tune into the next tournament.

Being someone who understands how qualifying for these tournaments works and how immensely difficult it is, I think this is absolute garbage. There are hundreds of thousands of guys who are competing for that one extra spot in this event, and it is given to a guy who is competing in the event “for the experience”. Come on dude, as a professional athlete you have to understand how difficult it is to make it to the next level, and you very well know that there are tons of guys who would do anything to be in that position. My message to the Tour… hope you feel good about putting a guy in a tournament who is gonna shoot 80-80. Doing an awesome job of “paving the way to the PGA TOUR”

Bet my life on the OVER. (76.5)





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