Start your day with Steph Curry clowning LeBron

Recently, Steph Curry was caught CLOWNING LeBron James at a wedding with none other than…..Kyrie Irving. LeBron may have the worst Instagram in the entire world, posting videos of himself doing his stupid workouts with no shirt on. So naturally, Steph saw the video and began mocking LeBron just like the rest of the world.

My issue currently lies with Steph Curry and how he came out and defended the viral video. Steph is quoted saying “I’ve been watching that video twice a day since it happened because its my favorite video in the entire world.”   YEAH STEPH, NO SHIT! We have all watched it a million times because we like to laugh at the joke that is LeBron James. Don’t come out and say you “weren’t clowning him” when in fact, that is EXACTLY what you were doing.

Dude, own up to the fact that you were mocking a guy who acts like a complete fool, along with his teammate, (Kyrie) who also thinks hes a complete jackass. Man up and stand by your actions, you guys are supposed to be “rivals” so fucking act like it!

PS:  I hope you shoot a two-day score of fucking 200 this week




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